silicone for pu sole rigid foam organo silicone surfactant for skin cancer

  • Silicone Surfactants for Pentane Blown Rigid Foam - J. Grimminger

    Auxiliary blowing agents are utilized in most polyurethane appliions. However, the impact of these blowing agents on final foam properties is most critical in 

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  • PU Silicone Stabilisers - Tegostab® | Biesterfeld AG

    Biesterfeld - your distributor for Tegostab® surfactants from Evonik. It includes silicone based surfactants for use in all kinds of PUR and PIR foams. The silicone free surfactants were developed for micro-cellular systems and rigid foam 

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  • - Momentive

    include high and low-pressure PU foam machines, a PU rigid spray foam Niax* Silicone Surfactants For Conventional Flexible Foam. *Niax is a .. Tertiary amine alyst, that can help to improve skin cure at low mold temperatures. A-33 Niax* Silicone Surfactants for PU Shoe Sole, Mechanical Froth and PU Leather.

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  • Rigid Foam

    Understanding how a silicone surfactant will interact with your rigid foam surfactant for rigid foam appliions; surfactant for footwear (shoe sole) and integral skin Silicone surfactant for use in producing open-cell rigid polyurethane foams 

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  • Silicone Additives for Microcellular Polyurethane Foam

    Improve polyurethane foam processing, performance and quality with Dow for rigid foam appliions; surfactant for footwear (shoe sole) and integral skin 

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